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Welcome to the website of Danny Orbach.

The website is mainly informative, but like many other websites, it collects certain information and data that allows us to draw conclusions about it and create initial contact methods between you and us. Our desire for transparency and clarity, beyond the common practice in Israel, led us to formulate this privacy policy. It is important to us that you understand, your privacy is important (!) and we respect it. Therefore, we would now like to detail the information collected about you during the website’s use, the purposes for which we process the information, the uses we may make of the information and data, and the fact that we do not share this information with any other party. We detail all this in order for you to know, understand and formulate your informed consent regarding using the website, both in light of the provisions of the law on the subject, and in accordance with the purposes of the firm’s registered database.

Please note! This document may be updated from time to time, so it is important to come back to it and get updated on its different sections occasionally. In cases of an essential and significant changes, we usually publish an update regarding the matter on our website.

It is of utmost importance that if any of the details in this policy are not sufficiently clear for you, or if you have questions, or even if you are simply not comfortable with the collection of information – you are welcome to simply call and speak with us, thereby making the website’s use unnecessary.

The data that may get to us:

1. We write “may” because most of the information and data are reflected to us statistically. We have the possibility delve behind the statistics and try and extract information from it, but this is only done in unusual cases. If you will choose to actively provide us with information beyond that, as part of an inquiry, it will probably be viewed and even used as part of a return inquiry to you.

2. The use of the firm’s website involves providing “personal information” as described at the Protection of Privacy Law – 1981. First, we would like to share with you the types of data that can and will be collected as part of your use of the website, some in accordance with a specific use of the website, and some are carried out by default while using the website:

              2.1. Technical Information and Digital Identifiers – When using the website, technical information about you may be collected: browser type, details about the end device, browsing data, and a small amount of additional data. This information will be collected through cookies and other tracking files, as detailed in the “Cookies” chapter below.

            2.2. Information Required in order to Receive Various Services on the Website – You can contact us freely under “Contact Us”, and also if you are interested in joining our family as a lawyer in the commercial, international, FinTech or litigation team. For the avoidance of doubt, these channels are open for use of your choice and you you are not obligated to provide us with the information that appears under them as part of browsing the website, but if you do choose to do so – we will ask you to provide contact information as stated in the form.

3. We emphasize, you are not obliged to provide these details and information by law, and their delivery depends solely on your own free will and consent. However, please note that without providing certain details (for example, without providing details under the “Contact” form), we will not be able to contact you, which is why providing them is included in the application.

4. As part of the website’s use, we ask you to provide reliable and accurate information, only in your name and for yourself, and not in the name of or for third parties, except in cases where you have been authorized to do so.

What uses will we make of the information and data and why do we collect it?

5. All information about you will be kept in the firm’s database numbered 700068126 and for the purposes of the database listed. If you wish to review the database card, you are welcome to contact the Privacy Protection Authority at and ask to review it.

6. Beyond that, we only use information about you for one purpose, and that is to contact you if and when you choose to contact us. Beyond that, we use information about you in a statistical and de-identified way in order to optimize our website from time to time.


7. For your information – the firm’s website uses cookies for the purpose of allowing for the regular and proper operation of the website, and for language purposes on the website.

8. Cookies, in general and in essence, are text files that the browser (your browser, usually Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc.) creates according to a command from our website when accessing it. Some cookies will be deleted when you close the website, and others are saved on your device.

9. The cookies we use do not collect much information, but if you have already managed to this far in reading this privacy policy, it is worth knowing that there are cookies (or any other type of tracker) that do contain and collect a variety of information such as the pages you have visited, the length of time you have been on the company or firm’s websites, your IP address , the characteristics of the end device, your browsing habits on other websites, including the websites you surfed on, and any other action on them. Each cookie having its own purpose for which it is used.

10. For your information, our website does not use cookies from a third party – for example cookies from Google such as those embedded in using Google Analytics and/or tools from Meta (formerly Facebook).

Information Confidentiality and data Security

11. The firm and Champion respect the information you have shared and therefore take all reasonable processes to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

12. Champion, the website operator, uses secure servers to ensure proper storage of information. We use encryption to increase the level of security for transactions data.

13. Sidelong with our attempt to provide the most hermetically sealed security solutions possible, surfing the Internet is still not one hundred percent safe, and unfortunately, we cannot fully guarantee the integrity of the information and its safety. Therefore, the information provided to the website is the responsibility of the surfer, and his responsibility alone. Should any question arise regarding the security of information and the privacy of your personal data on the website, please contact Champion using the contact information provided below.

Freedom of Information and Your Right to Review Information

14. According to the Protection of Privacy Law – 1981, every person is entitled to review the information about them that is held in a database. Therefore, even though the information we collect about you is very limited, we invite you to contact us and ask to review the information. For your information, the procedure involves submitting a written and identified request, from you or from anyone authorized on your behalf, in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Regulations (Conditions for Reviewing Information and Rules of Procedure for Appealing Refusal of Review Requests) – 1981. If such information is inaccurate, we will act to correct it according to your request, which is a right granted to you by law.

Intellectual Property

15. It is important to note that the website’s entire copyright and intellectual property, including the name and trademarks, the website’s design, the contents published by the firm and the structure and content of the code behind the website is owned by the firm. Likewise, every graphic file, text and any other material included in the site – belongs to Danny Orbach only. Therefore, you may not copy, distribute, publicly display or hand over to a third party any part of the mentioned above without obtaining our prior written consent.

16. As part of the use of the firm’s websites, various links to websites such as various social networks and even a navigation link using the ‘Waze’ app (hereinafter “external websites”) may appear. Clicking on the external websites is done at your own discretion and responsibility, as you will leave the website and be directed to an app or website external to this website. Therefore, you will also be subject to the conditions of that external website, including its privacy policy. From that point on, we will have no control over what is done with your information, and therefore we urge you to read and understand the privacy aspects of that external website, this is your responsibility.

Changes to the site and termination of service

17. We make great efforts in order to allow the website’s users a comfortable user experience. However, we cannot guarantee that the website is completely secure, so it is possible that sometimes there may be disruptions.

18. Changes to our website will be made by us subject to our discretion, but if and when a change concerning your privacy or the form of securing of the information about you is to be made – we will make sure to have an update regarding it on the website.


19. It is important to us that you thoroughly understand our privacy policy and that you feel comfortable when browsing our website. If you have any further questions or clarifications, we would be happy if you could contact us by email at

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